The Most Popular Search Engines

top search engines

Normally, most of the people are using the searching engine number of times in their day to day life for searching number of things on the internet where the search engine is an amazing tool that helps the people to find information on any subjects. Most of the people use search engine on the daily basis is nothing but it really depends on the thing where you might be there in the world but there are a couple of search engines that provides you the relevant and appropriate information about what you are searching for. There are quite a few different search engines are available that impressively shares of the web search landscape like Yahoo, Bing etc.

In which the most of the popular search engines used by number of people all over the world on every single day for different reasons. Search engine traffic comprises a large percentage of the internet traffic and there is a lot of competition for that. In the adult space companies and websites compete for keywords that garner a large volume of searches and therefore a lot of traffic. Escort sites like slixa compete with sites like skipthegames and other escort review sites for all the keywords related to escorts in this very competitive adult niche. Among the number of search engines 98% of people population are using the google search engine to find the information on the web where this is because this search engine is ease of use, it more efficiency and provides the relevant results for the people search. These three are the main factors that make the search engine to be best and popular one in sight of the people. In addition to this the search engine is the one that should be in such a way, it must support all types of the platform in which it is running only then it will be recognized as a best search engine for all users.

Top 3 most popular search engines in the world

There are number of search engines are available in the network world where these search engines have their own features and benefits that they provided to the user. So, it is the responsibility of the user to find out the best search engine for their work. Moreover, these search engines undergone several updating each year or month basis where at every time the features and supportability of the search engine gets modified. The following are the top 3 search engines that millions of people are using in the current world. They are:

  • Google – This search engine holds the first place in the search engine lists and this was developed by google, it supports all mobile device and tablet platforms in very fast and quick manner
  • Bing – This search engine was developed by the Microsoft as a challenge to the Google search engine but despite their efforts are still did not match with the requirements of the users. Bing is a default search engine on the windows PCs
  • Yahoo – It is the one of the most popular email provider in the search engine and it holds the third place in the search with the 3.90% of the market share. Since from the October 2015 yahoo agreed with the google to provide the search related service powered both by Bing and Google. The Yahoo is the default search engine for Firefox browser in the US

In addition to above three search engine then fourth popular search engine used by the people in the world is where this search engine has general search functionality but the search results returned lacks in the quality of content compared to the result provided by the Google, yahoo and Bing.