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Pure Storage and PNY Technologies partner to bring AI and modern analytics to EMEA, combining the power of NVIDIA® DGX-1™ and Pure Storage FlashBlade™.


This partnership develops the already strong leadership position of PNY Technologies, in bringing to market the world’s best technology.


PNY Technologies is building a reputation as the technology provider of choice, providing solutions from compute to storage, and from AI research engineering to production clusters, in addition to smart, embedded devices, performing inference at the edge.


PNY announced its partnership with Pure Storage at the NVIDIA European GPU Tech Conference 9th October 2017. PureStorage is the market’s leading independent all-flash data platform vendor for the cloud era. PNY Technologies, is a leader in high performance computing, graphics virtualization and deep learning technologies, thanks to its long relationship with NVIDIA, who invented the GPU and revolutionized parallel computing, now ubiquitous in modern AI and a standard in  Deep Learning.


The partnership enables PNY Technologies to add modern flash storage to its established high performance product portfolio. PNY will consequently ease the adoption of this disruptive storage technology matching a massively parallel storage architecture with its latest massively parallel compute GPU appliances.


“We are convinced that FlashBlade in particular brings the right ingredient to complement our wide range of GPU-based appliances. It allows PNY Technologies Europe to offer a comprehensive portfolio of products for data scientists and companies seriously considering adopting best in class technology” Gautier Soubrane, Business Development Manager for EMEA region at PNY Technologies.


Ben Savage, Head of EMEA channel at Pure Storage, commented: “Tapping into the established and experienced NVIDIA Partner Network, not only brings significant opportunity for customers, but also opens many new markets, sectors and application use cases to us. Its potential is significant – the technologies are truly complementary and we have big ambitions for what together, they will deliver.”


Richard Jackson, VP EMEA at NVIDIA, commented: “AI and deep learning technologies have been around for a while, but organisations have struggled to get the processing power needed for projects to succeed. Our NVIDIA DGX-1 integrates everything data scientists need to get started building, training and running powerful and sophisticated deep neural networks. Thanks to the new partnership, combining this technology with Pure Storage, FlashBlade is going to enable customers to really push the boundaries of what is possible for AI projects.”

Data is at the centre of the AI revolution. Large amounts of data must be delivered to GPUs at incredibly high speeds in order to train models faster to reach higher accuracy. As the essential instrument for AI research, the powerful NVIDIA® DGX-1™ is at the heart of many of the world’s most demanding deep learning and analytics environments.


Recently, however, customers have found legacy storage solutions  failed to deliver in terms of performance and capability, which AI workloads demand.


Pure Storage FlashBlade is the industry’s first data platform purpose-built for AI and modern analytics. It is engineered from the ground-up with a massively parallel architecture. In just half a rack, it can offer 8 petabytes usable, 75 GB/s read throughput, 25 GB/s write throughput and 7.5M IOPS. With general availability in January 2017, FlashBlade has gained traction among organisations innovating with emerging workloads, specifically modern analytics, AI and machine learning.

Here at AI Europe 2017 PNY will be showcasing the latest DGX Station: the world’s first personal supercomputer for leading-edge AI development. Built on the same NVIDIA GPU Cloud Deep Learning Stack powering all NVIDIA DGX™ Systems, you can now experiment at your desk and extend your work across DGX Systems and the cloud.


PNY technologies will also demonstrate what a trained neural network can do once embedded in a tiny module with a 7.5Watts power envelope thanks the latest embedded Pascal GPU technology.


NVIDIA Jetson TX2 allows a user to get real-time Artificial Intelligence (AI) performance where you need it most, with high-performance and really low-power. Processing of complex data can now be done on-board edge devices. This means you can count on fast, accurate inference in everything from robots and drones to enterprise collaboration devices and intelligent cameras. Bringing AI to the edge unlocks huge potential for devices in network-constrained environments.



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