Cogisen Launches Next Generation of its Image Processing Platform SENCOGI


Christiaan Erik Rijnders





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Cogisen Achieves Breakthrough Speed Increases for On-Device processing


Cogisen, the developer of image processing technologies, has today announced the next generation of its platform SENCOGI®. To date most image processing technology requires ever-increasing processing power to run, whereas Cogisen has focused the development of SENCOGI® on achieving efficiencies for devices which have significant constraints on battery life. For industry, this means that applications can be built using lower cost technology which runs directly on devices without the need for additional hardware. SENCOGI® is a cross-platform library integrating Cogisen’s core technology as a plug-in, which developers can use as part of image processing applications. This innovation is a result of the research Cogisen has undertaken while developing its core gaze tracking technologies and has potential wider applications, for example in the field of machine learning.


The new version of SENCOGI® mimics ways the visual cortex makes decisions because Cogisen has been able to engineer and model the mechanisms underpinning machine learning processes for object recognition. This leads to faster and more accurate recognition; and more importantly from an infrastructure perspective it means quicker development cycles for new applications and reduces processing power required. Cogisen believes this breakthrough is an essential step in delivering its gaze tracking solution, which its European Union Horizon 2020 grant has funded.


For the last two months Cogisen has been testing its new platform for wider uses beyond gaze tracking, leading to breakthroughs in speed and accuracy which beat industry standards. More importantly, the platform achieves this score with a speed improvement of a factor of 10. Consequently, this has led Cogisen to the realisation that the technology is now ready for commercial partnerships with organizations interested in developing low-cost applications using the SENCOGI® image processing platform.


“All the standard challenges of recognition have now been solved by industry, so we believe the next industry priority is to deliver cost and performance efficiencies,” said Christiaan Erik Rijnders, CEO and co-founder, Cogisen. “We believe our enhanced image processing platform is not just a key breakthrough in supporting widespread adoption of gaze tracking, but that it will enable developers to address real, specific industry problems for image processing applications on devices. For developers SENCOGI® means they will be able to deliver applications faster, at lower cost and have greater confidence in their accuracy.



About Cogisen


Cogisen is made up of a team of world-class experts developing a next generation image processing platform. The platform has been developed to create a software-only gaze tracking solution fast enough to run in real-time on smartphones and robust enough to work at larger distances from a camera. The innovative and patented algorithms underpinning the technology platform opens up a wide variety of market opportunities and potential applications in sectors such as mobile, the Internet of Things and automotive. Cogisen is also the first Italian technology company to receive EU Horizon 2020 SME Phase  II Funding for open innovation in IT, for its SENCOGI® mobile gaze tracking innovation.


For more information, please visit : www.cogisen.com



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