Axyon AI: The most advanced predictive technologies become valuable only when accuracy is delivered into comprehensive solutions that address specific financial use-cases.


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Axyon AI


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Axyon AI works at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and finance, developing Deep Learning-powered solutions that address high-impact use cases in the financial sector. The company stems from a 10-year long experience in software development and a 5-year long research and development effort in Artificial Intelligence applied to finance.


Starting from the development of an automated trading system based on genetic algorithms, we moved into Deep Learning early on, betting on it to become the leading technology in Big Data-based predictive systems. Our company has now experience (and successful products and solutions) in several financial use-cases, from credit risk to wealth management, from trading to investment banking.


Axyon AI collaborates with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and with the Softech-ICT research center. In 2016, we established a partnership with ING Bank through their fintech acceleration program, Innovation Studio. In the last years we have received several innovation-related prizes and coverage on specialized media.


Our team mixes technology experts, data scientists and software engineers, with a shared passion for research and a knowledgeable background. An experienced board of advisors helps Axyon AI to stay on top of technology trends in Artificial Intelligence and finance.





Investment banking : Deals participation, liquidity prediction and liquidity needs

Trading : Trading signals generation

Credit risk : Enterprise/retail default probability prediction

Contracts : Survival analysis, conversion prediction, customer segmentation

Wealth management : Robo-advisors and product-customer fit

Fraud detection : Insurance and payments





Axyon relies on three different competitive advantages to set itself in a powerful position to become a market leader in providing highly accurate predictive solutions to the finance sector :

  • Technology : a proprietary and finance-tailored Deep Learning platform (Axyon Platform) specifically built for fast predictive model development.
  • Experience : starting in 2015, we completed several successful POCs in finance, from credit risk to trading, from marketing to wealth management.
  • Skills : a well-balanced team, supported by a strong ecosystem of advisors, academia and partners.




Axyon AI aims at becoming a market leader in specific high-margin finance niches (characterized by high returns for improved prediction accuracy) by providing highly accurate predictive solutions based on Deep Learning.

To reach this objectives, three different drives are being pursued:

  • Technology : improving and extending the proprietary technology needed to keep a competitive advantage (both in development time and in prediction accuracy) when developing predictive models for the finance sector.
  • Solutions : packaging the core accurate predictive models into full-featured solutions that target specific use-cases in high-margin finance niches.
  • Market : leverage already-positioned commercial partners to access target markets directly at a decision-maker level (very important in a market with high entrance barriers as the finance sector).



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