Program at ai europe 2017





Chairman’s opening



9h - 9h10



Building an AI platform in the company

• Why is launching a research Lab a key factor to a successful deployment of AI

• Goals and means for the platform

• AI for search and personalization: overview of the projects



9h10 - 9h40



Change management: the journey to a data-driven culture and first deployments in AI

• The Chief Digital Officer : look back on the conductor’s key goals

• Many departments, many issues: how to build every roadmap

• Integration of AI processes and digital culture: overview of the obstacles and solutions

• Once the digital transformation launched, what’s next?



9h40 - 10h10


Break & networking


10h10 - 10h40


How you can use BIG DATA today, in conjunction with MACHINE and DEEP LEARNING to make PREDICTIONS





How cognitive technologies will transform the customer relationship in banking

• Simplify the organization with a customer focus: what are the Data & AI issues? How to deal with it?

• Overcoming the Cybersecurity challenges of AI implementation



10h40 - 11h10



Transforming operation model into a proactive and predictive network

Real-time machine monitoring, data analysis and perception, and smart maintenance decision-making with IoT processing and machine learning



11h10 - 11h40



Using Machine Learning to process large amounts of data faster and better

• How AI can lead to a more accurate pricing of risk for insurers?

• What’s next for the insurance sector with AI?



11h40 - 12h10



AI to improve the accuracy of fraud protection and cyber-security



12h10 - 12h40


Lunch & networking


12h40 - 14h10


Main Conferences



Application Track




Predictive maintenance in Industries combining

Machine Learning and IoT



14h10 - 14h40



Image processing and deep learning techniques

applied to retail analytics



14h10 - 14h40





Real time AI for fraud detection: deep learning

applied in Telecoms



14h40 - 15h10





Combining RPA and machine learning

to create intelligent processes and reduce

time-consuming low-value tasks



14h40 - 15h10


Break & networking


15h10 - 15h40


Break & networking


15h10 - 15h40



Improving customer’s engagement with

a conversational chatbot



15h40 - 16h10




Machine Learning Platforms: bringing AI

to every developer



15h40 - 16h10



Retail: optimizing the entire flow management



16h10 - 16h40



When will self-driving vehicles be ready

for prime time?



16h10 - 16h40

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