Program at ai europe 2017


Main Conferences





Chairman’s opening


9h - 9h10


Opening Keynote

AI for tomorrow: prospective analysis



9h10 - 9h40



How companies can integrate ethics, authentication and trust to their strategies



9h40 - 10h10


Break & networking


10h10 - 10h50



State of the art: what can we actually do with Machine and Deep Learning



10h50 - 11h20



AI and the two singularities: current perspectives


11h30 - 12h00


Lunch & networking


12h15 - 14h00


Main Conferences



Application Track



VIRTUAL AGENTS: how to deploy NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING SYSTEMS to enable your customers
and other partners to communicate

with you better









Introduction to NLP


14h00 - 14h30




Voice control: the next big thing

• What can we do with voice today and what business perspectives?


14h40 - 15h10



Chatbot, voice assistant, avatar: focus on
the virtual assistants

• Avatars: why is the face important in the trusting relationship?

• Opportunity and dangers of virtual assistants


15h10 - 15h40



Break & networking


15h40 - 16h10



New frontier in Natural Language Processing:
Big Data vs Small Data



16h10 - 16h50



Why conversational bots disappoint

and how to build better ones



16h50 - 17h20




Semantic analysis: helping decision making through

AI algorithms and Big Data in Banking



14h00 - 14h30




Legal sector: scanning and predicting documents relevancy to save lawyers’ time



14h30 - 15h00



Break & networking


15h00 - 15h30




Finance: using natural language processing and graph processing techniques to notify non-compliant transactions



15h30 - 16h00



How AI transforms an Energy company thanks

to predictive algorithms



16h00 - 16h30




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