Business meetings at AI Europe 2016

Over 1.000 high level professionals will gather in London next December 5th & 6th for the first edition of Artificial Intelligence Europe, the premier European exhibition that will highlight the tremendous business opportunities AI is bringing.


Within two days of extensive networking, this trendsetter event will give you the opportunity to meet with 1.000 leading business strategists & decision makers that don’t want to miss the next technological turn.


For this first edition, we associate the event to our marketing partner BBCM, a 1to1 business meetings organizer specialist. All exhibitors and visitors will have access to this business meetings program to maximize their participation.





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  • Meet with strategic decision makers
  • Build your business network and widen your client portfolio
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Boost your brand profile
  • Promote your business
  • Create partnerships


  1. End of October: connection and registration of attendees onto the platform
  2. End of October – beginning of November: Email and phone monitoring of BBCM about how to use the platform (your profile publication, selection of your business targets and meeting requests)
  3. 16th November: Closing of meetings selection on the platform.
  4. 22nd November: preparation and sending of customized planning to all attendees
  5. 23rd to 30th November: Reception of your agenda by email
  6. 5th December: Welcome and delivery of planning to each attendee









If you wish to register to our Business Meeting program, your contact:

Vianney LALAIN

Sales Manager


+33 (0)1 58 12 06 88

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AI EUROPE 2016 is organized by Corp Events,

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