Agenda at AI Europe 2016

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Conference chaired by Calum Chace, Best-selling Author in AI


AI-led disruptive technologies

Broadgate 2



Bishopgate 2


demo zone








Opening Speech Bringing machine learning
to every corner of your business




Practical AI: bringing scalable machine intelligence and continuous learning
to the enterprise


  • Get started with cognitive cloud technologies to drive meaningful business outcomes
    in financial services and retail.
  • Use machine intelligence and learning
    to transform customer engagement
    and employee productivity


Augmented Reality


  • Combining augmented reality with artificial intelligence and computer vision







Begins at 10 am


Legal and professional services
industries: using AI to determine matter
and project costs


  • Dealing with new commercial realities of alternate fee arrangements and fixed fee billing with the help of AI










Begins at 10.30 am





Break and Networking, peer-to-peer meetings


AI in the insurance sector: deep
learning applied to fraud detection
and customer satisfaction


  • Real time satisfaction measurement with
    vocal analysis
  • The benefits of the deep-learning approach
    for fraud detection


Virtual assistants: their impacts on
the Internet and the society


  • Why AI-based digital assistants will contribute to revolutionize the Internet and place technology at the service of humans






The Rise of Bots: from Conversation
to Action


  • How consumers’ demand for better, more realistic conversations with technology can deliver meaningful interaction across any platform, service or device
  • Carefully engineered Bots can be
    highly persuasive: how to choose your
    foundations well
  • Using customer data and natural language systems to connect with your customers
    on a personal level


Using AI to scale beyond the human limit
in Banking


  • Learn how to create a continuously learning cognitive system that increases client engagement while augmenting
    the intelligence of your employees.






Image analysis: research and its

applications in the real world


  • The automatic detection of beautiful images: practical applications in advertising, video browsing services, image search engines…







Beyond the hype: A venture capitalist’s perspective from tracking 200+ UK AI companies












Lunch and Networking, peer-to-peer meetings


Concrete tools to succeed with AI

Broadgate 2


master classes


demo zone


Debate The data-driven company: how

to go through the learning process


  • Set up a plan to change the organization: where to start?
  • How to place algorithms at the heart of your business
  • How to find the right competences to build your team and manage AI experts
  • Should you build AI capability in-house or buy it in?










Begins at 14.30 Pm






Begins at 14.30 Pm


The Two Singularities


  • The Economic Singularity (Technological unemployment) and the Technological Singularity (Superintelligence)
  • Are they possible, and are we prepared?






Innovation labs: why are they so

valuable and how to integrate them into your company









Break and Networking, peer-to-peer meetings










Vision, Speech, Language…: make

the most of cognitive services with APIs




Horizon scanning: VCs and start-ups


  • Meeting, investing, partnering: how your company can benefit from working with VCs and start-ups
  • Practical examples


Open discussion, summary and close







Finishes AT 17 Pm








Finishes AT 17 Pm

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