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The state of Art of Artificial Intelligence

Broadgate 2



Bishopgate 2


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Chairman’s welcome

Calum Chace, Conference Chair


Opening Speech De-mystifying AI


AI as a game–changer for every industry: disruption now and perspectives for 2025


Privacy by design: a visionary way of using technology and data that respects  confidentiality


  • Privacy and data protection principles
    in systems and services including mobiles
    and the Internet of Things: what does it mean for your customers?
  • What does it imply for the design
    and architecture of devices?




Break and Networking, peer-to-peer meetings













Begins at 11 am










Begins at 10.30 am


A better use of time: automating routine work to enable focus on high-value tasks


Cyber-threats: the shift to self-learning, self-defending networks


  • The implications of the new era of cyber-threats for business networks
  • Why legacy approaches like rules and signatures are proving insufficient
    on their own
  • How new immune system technologies are imperative for the next generation of
  • Why 100% network visibility and intelligence allow you to pre-empt emerging situations,
    in real time
  • Real-world examples of subtle threats that routinely bypass traditional controls




AI in Health: using speech analysis
to detect early-stage diseases


  • A partnership between two innovative
    start-ups to work on the early detection
    of Alzheimer's disease
  • Identifying patterns in speech and language
    to provide an early warning system
  • How Cobalt's unique business model allowed this partnership in the first place


Deploying deep learning everywhere: cutting-edge research teams, hyper-scale data centers, enterprises using AI


  • The challenges: using deep learning and parallel computing to solve major problems
  • The solutions: from Learning to Inference




Deploying machine learning


  • How are the most forward-thinking companies using machine learning today?


Demystifying Cognitive Automation: how machine learning paired with RPA transforms and digitizes business processes


  • Break through the hype around AI, machine learning, and cognitive automation to understand exactly how businesses are leveraging these capabilities to transform
  • Learn the role of robotic process automation (RPA) in end-to-end process automation
  • Hear how global banks, insurance companies, and Fortune 500 enterprises are putting these capabilities to work in their operation










Lunch and Networking,

peer-to-peer meetings


Sectors today and tomorrow

Broadgate 2


master classes


demo zone


Contact centers: how artificial

intelligence is revolutionizing the customer experience


  • BT's experience with intelligent systems in contact centers over the past 25 years; the lessons learned and what is different about the technology today
  • Investigating the impact of technology on customer contact and how contact centers need to adapt
    to complexity
  • Why smart people and smart technologies are the key to creating better customer experiences








Begins at 14.30 Pm






Begins at 14.30 Pm


Banking: why UBS is interested in AI

and other fintech innovations


  • The implications of AI for client-facing front-office advice, and for process automation in
    the back office
  • The bank’s activities regarding AI, patenting and investments in start-ups
  • Use-cases: AI projects launched by UBS






Health: the value of integrating deep learning


  • Use case: applying deep learning in devices to diagnose cancer









Break and Networking, peer-to-peer meetings


Legal: identifying valuable information buried within a mass of unstructured
document data


  • A collaborative approach between lawyers and data scientists to constructing the analysis model
  • Issues encountered: focus on the differences in output between machine and human effort




Predictive maintenance in production:

from research to industry, how does
machine learning fit in?


  • How information about the state of equipment is collected by the Internet of Things
  • How it is analyzed by AI to build a predictive model






Education: The growing role of AI and digital technology and how it supports

best practice


  • Paradigm shifts: global attitudes to education and how they must change
  • The aspects of teaching and learning that still requires human input and how technology
    is addressing these
  • The change to AI-led provision and a timeline to the completion of this transition








Finishes AT 17 Pm





Finishes AT 17 Pm

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